Address: Vestergade 49B, 8000 Aarhus C


The name *LYNfabrikken* actually means ‘Lightning Factory’ in danish and that is what it is; a place where ideas and energy are created.
LYNfabrikken is a coffee-shop, an exhibitions space, a place where workshops and lectures are being held and a workspace for 39 independent businesses.
The workspace is an open office where you rent a desk along side each other while becoming ‘colleagues’ across professions. In order to take your ideas to the next level, you need to spend time with passionated people in a space that foster inspiration, courage and know-how. The fastness of sharing ideas with the people sitting next to you is powerful and we believe that diversity makes us stronger, which shows in the difference in ages, genders and professions; graphic designers, authors, stylists, photographers, film-makers, anthropologist, coaches in leadership, illustrators, app-designers, writers, software developers, patent advisors etc.
Our vision and reason for designing a place where the workspace and the coffee-shop are under the same roof is that we believe that great things can happen from chance encounters between the public and the workspace-people. But it needs to be facilitated, and that is what LYNfabrikken does  in this old factory building – in a backyard – in the center of Aarhus.