Venture Village Aarhus

Address:Hermodsvej 5B, 3.sal, 8230 Åbyhøj, Aarhus
Mail: or 21601151 to Anders Günzel-Jensen, Mayor of the village


Venture Village is an ambitious 500 m2 co-working space that focuses on facilitating a strong pay-forward community. We know that community creates growth through the founding team corporation for more that 8 years. We are therefore proud of having an 80-20 ratio of Internet based companies and off-lines, like architects and consultants for the onset. Just like there are some who have primarily private and others public sector customers. We believe that this diversity is good.

Coffee & tea is included in membership (and milk, as long as we are 100% booked), and we have a cleaning lady who comes in daily to make sure our common areas are always spotless. We arrange a Christmas lunch and a summer party in addition to more spontaneous meet ups.  

Investment advisor, talks targeted members and strategic partnerships with for instance online accounting systems, is also something we have and do. All on a needs basis, which means that should you come and have your office in Venture Village your needs will influence how we do it.