Welcome to the startup scene in Aarhus

The global startup revolution has arrived in Aarhus and we are here to support the emergence of a vibrant ecosystem around successful local startups. #AARSOME is an organisation born out of Silicon Valley ideals with a clear goal to make Aarhus one of the top Nordic ecosystems for tech startups. We are on a mission to empower the local community through our interactive platform and to create a fast track for high-potential Aarhus startups, enabling talented founders to take their companies to new heights. We want to show the world what Danish technology has the power to achieve.

We are the entry point in to the startup community of Aarhus and you can join the local conversation by attaching #aarsome to your social media posts. Behind the scenes we are constantly working on creating new ambitious initiatives that will help take our startups to the next level, scroll down to see our areas of work. If you are interested in the startup ecosystem of Aarhus or #AARSOME as an organisation hit the coffee button in right corner; we’d love to talk!


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